We are a ISO 13485:2016 certified machine shop that produces machined medical components. We can do medical component assemblies. We use unique documented work instructions to make sure the parts are made the same every time. 

Data Storage

From computer components to fixturing for data storage plants, we manufacture the key components needed for the Data Storage industry. 

High Vacuum

Kineo makes High Vacuum parts to incredible precision mostly due to our helium leak checking abilities. Kineo has a long history of investing in inspection equipment in order to supply the customer with the highest quality parts.


Kineo has manufactured components for radio towers and for wifi boosting fixtures. 


This turbo manofold for a train engine is one example of the parts we machine for the transportation Industry.


We manufacture components used in Semiconducter handling and process industries.

Fluid Handling

Kineo has made specialty cnc machined components for many diffient types of fluid handling systems. 


Kineo has machined and assembled high quality parts for the automotive industry. Our machined parts have gone into many diffirent stages of car assembly line.


Kineo has built many types of optical mounts and tools. We manufacture components for production tooling and testing. Our Mahr surface roughness system allows us to quaify and assure compliance with your demanding surface requirments. 

Power Distribution

From stepdown systems to circuit breakers Kineo has manufactured key components for the Power Distribuition Industry.

Oil and Gas

Over the years Kineo has suppied many components for the petroleum industry. 

Additive Manufacturing

Kineo has supplied specialty machined components for 3d printing companies. 

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