CNC Milling

Using wireless probing and multiaxis capabilities Kineo has machined parts that were thought unmachinable or just too expensive to manufacture. We here at kineo are known to make the customers hardest parts. Mostly because we can machine extremely complex parts at an affordable price. Our machinists are the X factor that makes it all happen and are thought of as the highest paid and the best of quality in Colorado. Kineo can mill your protoype parts and large quantitys of 5,000 +

CNC Turning

Kineo has a large assortment of lathes from big bores to mini lathes. We can turn any material including hardened metals ( HRC 20 to HRC 62 +)  and plastics like polyurithane. Kineo has special techniques for turning both hardened materials and plastics that keep us ahead of the competition. In terms of price, surface finish, and tolerance held we are unmatched on round machined parts. 

Large Quantity Runs

Kineo has a history of maintaining high quality while running a high volume of parts. In 2014 Kineo produced 123,383 parts for one customer in the semiconductor industry. We inspected over 15,000 parts that year to ensure quality. No matter what the volume of parts is Kineo will always hold its inspection standard to whatever the customer requires, even 100% on request.  


Kineo Has prototyped thousands of different parts. We can do quick turnaround parts made out of just about any material. We generally respond to quotes within 24 hours.


Kineo has always done assembly jobs but recently in the last 9 years we have picked up medical device component assemblys. We use a mixture of documented work instructions and special inspection to complete assemblys with precision and quality.

Tube Bending

Kineo has recently expanded into the tube bending industry. We started tube bending because everyone else could not hold the tight tolerances our customers wanted. Kineo can hold tight tolerances on tube bending and tube bending related jobs. 

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